Your fleet without surprises!


Take control of your fleet’s equipment. Damaged vehicle, no documents, unnecessary loading expenses? Additional invoices to be paid? You don’t know for what, who and where? You need the  INSPECTO app.

Application for managing 
handover protocols

Full control

Provides complete, real-time information about the status of your’s of fleet equipment.

Financial profits

Minimizes the unforeseen costs related to the lack of full vehicle equipment.

Less nerves

Reduces the stress and provides better information flow in the company.

Start your day
with Inspecto

Are you responsible for the fleet? The driver had to buy safety belts on loading because they were missing from the vehicle? Got a ticket for not having all the documents? The vehicle returned with numerous damages that you learn after the fact? Just happened, right? Just happened is a norm in transport companies.

With a large fleet, catching this type of mishaps is a big saving for the company. Streamline and automate the vehicle handover process. Start the day stress-free with hot coffee and Inspecto.

How does it work?

To hand over the vehicle the driver fills in the protocol and completes the missing stuff

Fleet manager filters the vehicles by the status

All the shortages are refilled and small defects are fixed

Vehicle status is changed to

The driver takes the vehicle and is ready to go!

Thanks to those operations the vehicle is complete and ready for next tasks without a risk of extra costs.

Simplify the daily tasks

The transport manager has constant access to the condition of the fleet’s equipment. Thanks to the quick filtering by the “incomplete” status, it will easily filter out units with insufficient equipment, as well as find information about a specific vehicle historically. Replace the binder with electronic vehicle handover protocols. Convert paper to cloud and have access to data about your fleet’s equipment at any time. The environment will also thank you for it!

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